Aadhrtih PV of Toddler group at TIPS Coimbatore shines bright, breaking all records of a 2 year old!

“Youngest Talented Kid” was awarded in 2021, when he was just 14months for identifying animals, fruits, actions, numbers through dot cards, transportation and so on.”Brain Power” was awarded in 2022, for Linking Mnemonic. Here, we used 50 cards of various items like Products, food, vehicles, animals and more to build a story in an imaginative and unrealistic way to keep interest, visualize and improve creativity in him. He will tell what comes next as per the order in the story.

Both were conducted by Bharath Olympiad Foundation, a national level event. We participated in “Extraordinary Talent Hunt” under the category of age 0 – 3. TIPS wishes Aadhrith all success in his future achievements.