The Objective of Education Is Learning, Not Teaching

We believe in the educational process of offering a variety of learning methods and encouraging them at the early stage of “schooling” that the process of learning is largely their responsibility.

Traditional education focuses on teaching, not learning. It incorrectly assumes that for every ounce of teaching there is an ounce of learning by those who are taught. This is the trap of a Teaching Environment. It is a focus on content and its delivery to learners. In a Learning Environment, the presentation of content is not as important as the discovery of the underlying patterns and concepts that constructed the content. TIPS classroom is a student centered learning environment. Activities are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and to equip students with the skills to become independent learners. Structured inquiry, critical thinking, activities in which students may learn through experience are used in the classroom. The teacher is a facilitator of the learning process.


Our students are exposed to a wide range of 2D and 3D media, including painting, drawing, collage, and computer graphics. There is an emphasis in student artwork on individuality and creativity in response to research as well as in response to spontaneous art activity as part of the academic curriculum. Early & Primary School offers an engaging, challenging and active experience of the creative process. Classes are designed to encourage students to explore the world around them through the creation, and appreciation of art.

Middle School builds on this ‘aesthetic enthusiasm’ teaching the processes and techniques to further refine skills using a more complex range of models and concepts. High School students will be able to demonstrate a variety of modes of analytical and perceptive thinking and independently create a high caliber of imaginative and creative work.


We believe that it is essential that music must be taught throughout the curriculum, and not just in separate areas such as orchestra and tuitions. That is one way we can assure opportunities for all students to develop their capacities to the optimum. Students from Kindergarten through Senior School are involved in learning Indian Classical music and Instruments. At TIPS, we allot time for music lessons across grades by ensuring children practice the art in conjunction with other subjects as well. 


Dance improves flexibility and helps with a much better posture and improves muscle tone. The lack of physical activity and consequent obesity problem amongst children can be offset by dance. Dance classes at TIPS help students create a stress free environment, enabling them to relax, reduce stress and groove to the music without any inhibitions. We can undoubtedly say that dancing is tantamount to children’s well-rounded education, personality development and overall well-being.

Fine Dining

The Catering Department at TIPS, enables us to employ and train all our own chefs. We take great pride in our autonomy as it allows us to produce the type of creative, fresh and nutritious food that appeals to our multicultural community.

Here at TIPS we source only fresh ingredients from nominated and approved suppliers. Most of our daily deliveries of vegetables, fruit, dairy and meat come from local producers, meaning we can literally trace each meal from ‘farm to fork’.

We keep our menus seasonal, change them regularly, and embrace the School nutritional guidelines. Your ideas and recipe suggestions are always welcome. We hope you take full advantage of our fantastic catering facilities, and look forward to serving you soon.

Education with a Difference

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

We believe in engaging our children with a holistic educational experience by focusing on activity based learning, that is designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and to equip students with the skills to become independent learners. Structured inquiry, critical thinking, activities in which students may learn through experience are used in the classroom.The educational principles that the institution follows, are carefully integrated with systemized teaching and learning methods from various international curriculums to provide the finest educational experience. The Primary years, Middle School and High School, stand testimony to this learning experience. The school curriculum assimilates Early Year Program, IBPYP, Cambridge IGCSE, CBSE, and IBDP to offer a broad range of challenges and opportunities to the student community.

Along with empowering students with the right tools to succeed in their academic journey, we also inculcate the importance of sustainable living, being one with nature. With so many of our natural resources getting depleted at such an alarming rate, our students are encouraged to engage in projects such as toxin management, creating awareness about sustainable resources, environmental literacy and stewardship. We celebrate activities that promote sustainability and help students understand how important it is to nurture and value our ecosystem.