We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Our very own Dr. Sonali Geed, Chief Academic Officer at TIPS Globeducate, India, has received The Changemaker Award from Parisar Asha – Centre for Educational Research and Training.

This award is a testament to Dr. Sonali’s incredible dedication and impact in the field of education. Her commitment to empowering lives through innovative education has not only elevated our institution but has also left a lasting impact on those she has touched be it student or a teacher. Her commitment to the cause of child education can be felt in her approach towards all students and teachers alike in TIPS Globeducate Family. Dr. Geed’s visionary leadership and transformative contributions have paved the way for a more dynamic and student-centric learning environment here at TIPS.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate not just an individual achievement but our collective commitment to building a brighter and more empowered future through education. Dr. Sonali’s passion for fostering a culture of learning and growth has truly inspired us all as mentor’s for the next generation who will shape the world!

Congratulations, Dr. Sonali Geed! We are proud to have you as a leader and a team builder in our organization!