The Indian Public school (TIPS) in Coimbatore proudly announces its role as the host institution for the highly esteemed South Indian model United Nations, (SIMUN) chapter V conference, that took place for three days starting from April 1st – April 3rd, 2024. This event represented a pinnacle of student-led diplomacy and intellectual engagement.

Key Highlights of SIMUN conference 2024…

Grand Inauguration: The conference commenced with the esteemed presence of Mr. Rajesh Dogra, Deputy Commandant of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Coimbatore, who graced the occasion as the honorable chief guest. Dr. Sonali Geed, the chief academic officer (TIPS), along with the chief guest illuminated the ceremonial lamp, marking the onset of the event. The event was presided over by the Director General and Secretary General of SIMUN.

Unrivaled Record Participation: SIMUN 2024 boasts a record-breaking attendance, with 1200 delegates representing over 50 schools participating in lively debates and negotiations across various committees. G20, UNESCO, UNHRC, WHO, UNSC, NATO and WHC are a few to mention out of 40 noteworthy committees. By emphasizing on real life situations, cultivating alliances and friendships, it leaves the participant thirsting for more – “A true power of transformation, where minds meet and spirit soar”

Transforming Leadership Forum: Guest speaker, Mr. Sunil Jhun Jhun Wala, Co-founder and Co-worker at TechnoSport, graciously shared his personal journey and shed light on the essence of genuine leadership—a path where personal growth intertwines with uplifting others, while also emphasizing the importance of social consciousness and environmental sustainability for a brighter future. This interaction broadened their vision of becoming exceptional leaders.

Diplomatic discourse: The committee was abuzz with Moderated Caucus, amendments, substantive debate, roll call etc.. Delegates addressed a wide range of subjects encompassing political, economic, social, and environmental dimensions, highlighting the nuanced complexity of global issues. This platform distinguished itself for its productivity, engagement, and enlightening nature.

Forward-thinking Innovative Solutions: Thinking out of box was the unsaid rigor and atmosphere, enabling delegates to expand their perspectives in real-world scenarios and successfully pass resolutions. Amidst the mounting complexity of challenges and concerns, delegates put forward solutions that utilize technology and collaborative approaches to address pressing issues such as climate change, global health, and human rights.

Expert Guidance: Experienced chairs provided expert guidance throughout the conference, ensuring productive discussions and facilitating consensus-building among delegates. Guiding this conference was the executive board comprising 40 accomplished individuals, who have earned accolades in various Nation and International MUN platforms; they were the inspiration and the driving force.

Social night: Yet, amidst the matters of the state, we didn‟t forget the joys of camaraderie – The three days exhilarating experience also allowed them to let loose in DJ night on day 2.

Awards and accolades: The SIMUN Awards, symbolizes „‟ethos of excellence‟‟. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as participants cherished the moment with pride, as it marked a significant milestone in their journey forward. It was a moment of pride as they were bestowed with prestigious awards including Best Delegate, Honorable Mention, Best Speaker, Best Leadership Initiative, and Diplomatic Distinction. Adding to the jubilation, TIPS secured the Biggest Delegation Trophy.

About South Indian Model United Nations (SIMUN) is an exemplary MUN (Model United Nations) initiated by students that aims to make the world a better place, one at a time. MUN is a simulation of United Nations (UN) which provides a platform for students from Grade 6 and above to discuss and propose solutions for various problems and issues of Global Significance. By simulating unique real-time United Nations experience through SIMUN‟s detailed replica of UN procedures, technology, intensity and ambiance, SIMUN seeks to provide the experience to the delegates, a deep insight into the art of diplomacy, the values of collaboration and compromise, skills in public speaking, research, and debate. For each and every participating delegate SIMUN tries to instill the belief that education of the world youth would empower the future, thereby producing leaders the world needs.

Insight into spirit SIMUN: The world today being grappled with many challenges and crisis that threaten aregion, country or a specific group of people, they turn to one organization for hope, help, leadership and coordination: The United Nations. SIMUN harbors such experience and fosters global leaders, empowering them to resolve issues diplomatically.

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