The Indian Public School is a leading educational institution committed to providing a holistic and forward-thinking education to our students. We prioritize global awareness, character development, and academic excellence to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

As a way forward TIPS has forged a student exchange program. In the initial phase of this initiative, we had the pleasure of hosting students and reunion islands for an immersive 10-day exchange program. As the next step in the program, students from TIPS will embark on a reciprocal visit to reunion, where they will immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of this beautiful island.

On 2nd of November 2023, they arrived and received a heartfelt, traditional Indian welcome, with vermilion kumkum adorned on their foreheads symbolising the mark of respect and blessing, while tender coconut drink was offered for a refreshing start. Further to go agead with the program, their schedule was seamlessly integrated with the time table. Alongside their academic learning curve, they have quite a diverse range of experiences. Their time in the visual arts lab introduces them to the traditional ‘Warli art’, pottery making and hands-on experience with canvas. In perfect synchrony they swayed to the rhythmic narrative and facial expression in classical Bharatanatyam dance alongside the fine arts team. These cultural experiences were complemented by traditional sports, including kabaddi, seven stones and various others.

On the weekends their adventurous spirit took them on a sacred trip to Maruthamalai temple, and to the profound serenity of Isha Yoga centre. With Diwali round the corner, they could also have a glimpse into the festival of light, allowing them to partake in the joy of fireworks, the sharing of sweet delicacies and the heart-warming experience of festivity and bonding.

This initiative is aimed to provide students with unparalleled chances to learn about cross-culture and education. The major goal of the tour is to promote cultural exchange and future mobility between India and Reunion islands. The exchange program will not only be an eye-opening experience but also a pathway to cultural enrichment, personal growth and the formation of fresh global perspectives.

We are confident that this visit will play a key role in the enhancement of our students’ personal and academic development, opening doors to a world of opportunities.